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We are expanding into Information Technology!!!

The following information is a little secret about our Management Team. They all have a background in Information Technology!! Bringing in over a decade of experience; we make sure to use the latest and safest technology within our organization.

We are now launching: SMH IT Solutions

By launching SMH IT Solutions, we are answering a need that many of our clients have voiced concerning Information Safety and Confidentiality. Rest assured that not only are we seasoned professionals in Real Estate, Finance, Investing but also Information Technology.

We not only keep our clients safe; we offer our clients direct services. Our engineers are seasoned in helping companies from Residential all the way to Fortune 500 companies! Contact us for more information! We do offer a Free 1 time online consultation. Email us at :)

The following link is to our beta site currently in testing. We'll be migrating this site once all testing is over. Stay tuned for more information!!!

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